Armenian Movies Under 44 Degree / 44 Astichani Tak
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VOLOD 9 April 2016
Artakarg derasanakan arvest, artakarg rejisorakan gorc, shutvanic mer kinoi arvestum cher erel komedia-dramati k janri ays voraki film, menq karotum enq ays kargi profesional voraki filmeri, xndrum enq sharunakeq nkarahanel ayspisi gaxaparakan filmer , amen [email protected] ir dzevov e mesaj urarkum, duq dzer , mer @ntaniqov nuynpes spyurqahay enq u mer amborj hogin takn u vra erav [email protected] diteluc, isk achqerners mnacin tac . SHNORHAKALUTYUN

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