We choose the best of the best. The show's format is made up of three stages: the Blind Auditions, the Battles, and the Live Shows. During The Blind Auditions, the coaches hear the artists perform but don't see them. If a coach is impressed by an artist's voice, they push their button to choose the artist for their team, at same point their chair rotates and they can see them. If more than one coach turns his/her chair, the power shifts to the artist and the artist then has to decide which coach's team he or she wants to join. Next stage is "The Battles". During which the participants master their singing. During the Battles, the coaches pit two of their own acts against each other to sing a competitive duet in front of a studio audience. Immediately after the battle performance, the coach must choose which artist will go through to the live shows. The final phase of the contest is "The Live Show", where the artists compete against each other during several live shows and the audience has to vote. Ultimately just one will be named "The Voice" - and will win a recording contract with Universal Music Group.


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