“Warrior” TV series presents the everyday life of the army. Every time a renowned cultural and public figure or just a soldier’s parent is chosen as a hero of the program. They visit the military unit, have dinner with soldiers, participate in trainings of military and physical preparedness, familiarize themselves with the weapon and ammunition they master and use it at the training ground. Very often “Warrior” pleasantly surprises soldiers’ parents: thanks to the program a soldier visits home making happy his family members, relatives and friends. “Warrior” TV project periodically presents the glorious path of the military units and commanders of the RA Armed Forces and NKR Defense Army, refers to the Artsakh heroic battle, the heroes who were killed while defending the borders of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. The process of formation and consolidation of different kinds of troops is presented, as well songs, films and other art pieces dedicated to the army are propagated. “Warrior” is intended for those, who are not indifferent to the fate of the army. Both soldiers in the army and their parents at home are looking forward to the program. The joint program of the Public Television and Defense Ministry of Armenia celebrated the 20th year of its foundation on April 5, 2014. Over these years the program’s filming crew has prepared and broadcasted about 1080 programs. The founder, author and head of the program is the Honored Journalist of Armenia, Colonel Seyran Shahsuvaryan.


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