The X factor is a television singing competition which was founded by Simon Cowell and is produced by Syco TV Company. The show started in Armenia in 2010. The competition has various differences when compared to other shows, for example American Idol. The competition has no specific age limit to participate which allows singers from all age groups to show case their talent. The judges are assigned different categories each which goes as follows, girls or boys under the age of 24, individuals over the age of 24 or groups. Some of these groups are incidentally formed after they are selected in the auditions. The stages of the competition are essentially divided into 4 of which the first one is the producer’s audition. The producer’s audition does not get aired in television at all, however this is the one that decides which one of these contestants will sing in front of the judges. The next one is called the judge’s audition which is followed by 4 chair challenge. After all this comes final stage. 4 chair challenges replaces boat camp and judge house. 4 chair challenges is new stage with new rules. Category by category participants will challenge to get place. Chair is passed card for final stage. Only 4 of 10 will be able to pass this stage. Judge will decide, if participant sits or goes come, but even if he/she gets place, it does not mean that he/she will keep it. 10 participants are singing and during their songs judge can change his/her mind and replace participant. Quartet is not final until the last participant will sing. Only participants who get sits will be able to continue challenge in final stage. It is new stage. The main goal of the show is to find new talents, including the talent in singing, their appearance, personality, stage presence, and dance routines. During the show judges help participants to show their talent. This is Armenian X Factor. The show has begun. Follow us and find talents.


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