In 24 episodes of sitcom “Change” Hovanes Azoyan plays 2 parts. First is a criminal authority, the other is an unsuccessful actor. Sitcom hinges on the main deal- “to change”. The honest actor gets the most important and difficult part of his life. Cast of comedy-entertainment sitcom includes Armen Margaryan, Arthur Nalbandyan, Mariam Melikyan, Lilit Haroyan, Ani Kocharyan, Ani Petrosdyan. Director of sitcom is Grigor Vahramyan. In the second season, Virab Virabich manages to escape from the Dutch prison and reach Armenia. It seems that Marcel has everything to be adjusted, he will receive his earned amount and return to his peaceful life. But Virab does not want to leave him alive, he does not need witnesses in this story. Trying to save his life, Marcel manages to create chaos, so Bogaz hits Virab on the head. As a result, Virab loses the consciousness, and when he comes to his senses, it turns out that he has amnesia and he does not remember anything. New problems that can not be solved without the help of Marcel.


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