“The million in a trap” in this new TV series which includes 25 series, you’ll find such dynamic events with intricate intrigues and fatal twists, love and treachery, escape from reality and unexpected appearance, new generation’s wrong perception of freedom. It’s a story of a once well-known lawyer, who finds himself in the place of the defendant in strange conditions and has to go against all written laws for the sake of one unwritten law - the right to live. A Strange will and a mysterious murder, which turn the lives of all heroes in 180 degrees - love turns into hate, former relatives become enemies, the accuser becomes a criminal, and the real lawbreakers enjoy their life. It seems that the family that has fallen into chaos, will be ruined and there is no rescue, but any darkness can be overcome if there is a light inside, love, one believes in great power of love and finds the strength again to stand up and fight for justice and kindness. The point is in a struggle not to lose yourself - as a simple human being. The TV series is about a false and fake reality where people give in to the false morality, where a person is described not by the intelligence and kindness, but by the money and property, where they are ready to tear each other's throats out for money, and the number of those who are fighting for justice keeps decreasing. They idolize money, but in the end, they still worship for love. Live for love and love life for justice, to be a human at any cost – heroes are fighting for love, kindness and for justice - this is the main message of this TV series. "Million in a trap" is a chronicle of our days; hero of the film is Louise – a 40 years old wealthy lawyer, having a good family, lawyer’s office and money. However, everything changes when Jacques - a friend of her husband, comes from Paris. He falls in love with Louise and without receiving mutual feelings, decides to take the desired by force. Louise, trying to defend herself, accidentally kills Jacques. Louise is forced to hide herself from the law and falsify her identity. She realizes that no law will protect her, because all the evidences lead to her, and she cannot even prove her innocence to her husband. A hope for life appears only when Louise accidentally finds out that Jacques came to Armenia and made all that by the order of her husband. Husband wanted to deprive Louise from the maternal rights and to overreach the wealth that Louise’s father inherited to Nika - Louise's daughter. Louise decides to restore justice, punish her husband and retrieve what has been lost. At the same time with the storyline of Louise, the TV series also develops the love story of her daughter Nika and Eric - a young courier. A clever and honest courier, a young student from the faculty of history, manages to bring the girl from a rich family back to the right path, and prove that it is not the times anymore to make up an opinion about a person by his position and his clothes. A human is characterized not only by his position and abilities, but also by his intelligence, kindness, love and compassion.


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