"The Deer Path" - a twenty-part feature film in the genre of mystical military drama. The film is based on real events; all the characters and future developments are invented. The events of the television film refer to the previous two years and the main military actions of the April four day war in 2016. The pain of losing his father, who died heroically in the Artsakh war, and the hope to find and take revenge on the one that killed him, do not leave the military pilot David. And now, a new stroke: in front of his eyes the enemy conspicuously strikes his friend's helicopter. Due to the supposititious interview of television journalist Lilit, David is deprived of the right to fly for three months. After some time, a stormy romance arises between the hero of the film and Lilith, that increasingly alienates him from his wife Mariam, with whom they were in a quarrel even without that... After restarting the flights, David shows exceptional courage and skillfulness, for which the command sends him to Moscow for a military conference of the CIS countries, where he accidentally sees an Azerbaijani general named Ismail. David is sure that this is the very enemy he was looking for... Main characters: Khoren Levonyan, Aida Torosyan, Hrachya Harutyunyan, Marjan Avetisyan, Jumber Kukiyeli, Aram Karakhanyan. Directed by: Hrach Keshishyan Script-writers: Levon Galstyan, Gnel Nalbandyan, Hrach Keshishyan, Cameramen: Arthur Savtyan, Mushegh Tutyan


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