“The Abandoned” are coming back, but this time they find themselves in completely new, fresh, more ridiculous and interesting situations. Reveal the old characters in a new way… Arbie has inherited a fortune and changed his way of life. His relatives worry about Arbie’s next beloved girl he will want to marry… Askanaz is ready to take desperate steps to win Roza’s heart again. But how to do it when Paylak and Askanaz’s new relative spare no effort to hinder him? One of the new characters is Narbeh, an Iranian-Armenian, who is a successful gynecologist but afraid of his wife’s jealousy he tells everybody that he is a dentist… The great grandmother, Antaram, Garsevan, Karine, Liparit, Zita, Satenik and a lot of other new characters and the funny situations they get into will make you live and rejoice with your favourite characters. The scriptwriter is Harutyun Ghukasyan, the director is Hayk Vardanyan, the producer is Hunan Soghoyan.


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